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Aphrodisiac Sex Chocolate by Lustiq

Looking for date night ideas? Try Lustiq.

Increase libido

Experience the aphrodisiac magic 🪄

Boost Your Sexual Wellness!

Dual strength sex chocolate formula

Dual-Strength Formula

Experience double the effectiveness with our dual-strength formula

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re confident you’ll love Lustiq, so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with no-hassle return & refund policy.
Sex chocolate for date nights or as a wedding gift

Ready for action

Perfect for pairs - not just for one time. One box contains 4 chocolate heart.

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Available across Europe

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Chocolate with a secret blend of natural aphrodisiacs to add a spark to your romance.

Make your next date night unforgettable with Lustiq chocolate; it’s the perfect romantic gesture.

Lustiq sex chocolate hotspots
Lustiq sex chocolate hotspots

Fast & Discreet Delivery

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee

International Shipping -available across Europe

  • Maca
  • Ashwagandha
  • American Ginseng
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Fenugreek seed 


Indulge in the symphony of sensations with every bite of our chocolate, where passion meets harmony.

Boosts libido
Enhances pleasure
Transforms intimacy
Deepens emotional connection

Discover more about the libido-boosting ingredients in our chocolate, including the powerful aphrodisiacs what we use.


"These chocolates are legit! Lustiq seriously knows how to make our hangouts more fun. Can’t wait for the next chill session! 😍"


“These chocolates made our quiet nights feel a touch more intimate, a bit warmer. Definitely our little thing now.”


"Sex chocolate saved our weekend! Delicious and exciting, just what we were longing for. Thanks, Lustiq!💖"


“As a guy looking to up my game and make those special moments last longer, I've been really impressed with Bond Bites.”


"Love this chocolate! Not only tasty but somehow brought us closer together. A special experience 😘"


"It really spiced up our night with my boyfriend, and it tasted amazing"


“A true game changer! Not only did it taste nice but it gave us a great boost of energy!”

€22,00 €26,00

Bond Bites

Your ticket to flavor town & closer vibes

Discover Bond Bites, the delicious secret behind boosting your connection and adding an extra layer of excitement to your relationship. These chocolate hearts are more than just a sweet treat; they're crafted to enhance your intimate moments. Every bite is designed to amp up the passion and keep things interesting.

We’re all about that natural goodness, mixed with a dash of science magic, to spice up your love life. Harmonize your body's natural rhythms, supporting stamina for those special moments to last longer and feel deeper. 

Let Bond Bites be your guide to a world where love, wellness, and pleasure intertwine.

It's more than chocolate; it's a moment to bond, to savor, and to remember.

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Boost Your Sexual Wellness

Lustiq is powerful!

Boost your libido with every bite of Lustiq chocolate! Infused with powerful ingredients like Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Maca, Ginkgo Biloba, and Fenugreek. Our chocolate is designed to increase libido and enhance your performance. Try Lustiq and feel the difference!
The Key to Deeper Connections

Passionate Connection

Strengthen your bond and ignite your passion with Lustiq chocolate! Designed to enhance intimacy and connection, our chocolate is perfect for couples looking to deepen their relationship and fully embrace their sexuality. Ideal for creating unforgettable date nights and adding a touch of romance to your love life.
Effective dosage of herbal ingredients

Innovative intimacy

Lustiq chocolate is a fusion of ancient wisdom and modern love, containing 65% single origin cocoa and Ayurvedic herbs to harmonize the body and increase libido. Our aphrodisiac chocolate helps couples strengthen their bond and fully embrace their sexuality. Experience the magic of Lustiq, the ultimate functional chocolate for a passionate connection.
Ingredients made in EFSA Approved Facility & constantly improve through research & development by professional food engineers.
Aphrodisiac chocolate made in EU

Made in the EU

Formulated, crafted and packaged in Austria from globally sourced ingredients. We deliver throughout Europe in 2-3 days.
Adaptogen ingredients stand as the pinnacle of equilibrium and harmony, masterfully restoring balance to the body and mind.
Strongest aphrodisiac by nature


100% plant-based ingredients symbolize the epitome of ethical and sustainable nourishment, offering a pure enjoyment.

Passionate about transparency

Knowing the contents of what we consume is essential. We've openly provide our supplements' COAs (Certificates of Analysis), illustrating our rigorous quality control and chemical testing practices, for your confidence and peace of mind.

Pioneering a new era of intimacy

Our mission is to remove the stigma surrounding the sexual enhancement sector. We aim to normalize products designed for mutual enjoyment and foster shared moments of connection through our product line.

Born in the EU

Lustiq is meticulously formulated and assembled in Austria, then packaged in a facility renowned for its rigorous inspections and adherence to HACCP protocols

Bond Bites

Bond bites libido booster sex chocolate


Other typical competitor sex chocolate
Effective dosage of herbal ingredients Low dosage of herbal ingredients
High-quality dark chocolate Low-quality chocolate
Delicious taste Bitter aftertaste
Organic ingredients Non-organic ingredients
Vegan Non-vegan
No additives and emulsifiers Made with additives and emulsifiers
No soy and milk products Contains soy and milk products
Adaptogenic herbal synergy No herbal synergy

The power of nature

Lustiq's aphrodisiac chocolate helps couples deepen their connection and fully embrace their sexuality. Elevate your experience with Lustiq and feel the passion and pleasure in every bite.

Discover Lustiq Chocolate - Watch Our Video!

Lustiq chocolate: the perfect way to increase libido and enhance your date night experience. Watch our video to discover how our aphrodisiac chocolate can spice up your love life!